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Figure Skating Jumps – There Are No Secrets!

April 22, 2008

In an effort to reach more skaters, coaches and skating parents I recently created a new website devoted to jump mechanics.  The site is Skating Jump Secrets and it’s totally free!

Skating Jump Secrets Logo

As of this post, the site has only been online for 2 weeks but over 300 people have already signed up for the series of free videos.  Nearly 50 people have left comments about the videos and the website has been the topic of a number of online forum discussions.

The Purpose Of This New Website…

The purpose of the website is to raise awareness of proper jump mechanics.  After conducting a survey of skating coaches, I decided to share some extremely important information that all skaters, coaches and skating parents should know and understand.

The information is so important and so useful, many skaters and coaches see immediate results when applying the concepts.

The entire story, including the survey results and video proof, is available at Skating Jump Secrets. I encourage everyone involved in skating to sign up and see what all the fuss is about.

There’s nothing to buy. When you sign up, you can easily unsubscribe at any time and for any reason.  And I’ll never share your email address with anyone.  There’s absolutely no risk and no pressure.  It’s just critical skating knowledge that everyone should have.

You might be wondering why I’ve created this site. First and foremost, it’s a way to share this information, which can truly help nearly everyone.  But it’s also a way for all of us to better understand skaters, coaches and parents.

When you sign up you’ll have the chance to take a survey. Every survey is anonymous and I’ll share the results with you.  The comments   after the videos also provide helpful feedback so that we can all see exactly where there’s confusion or differences of opinion.

Some people have asked me why I require my visitors to sign up to get the information.  The simple reason is so that I can encourage all visitors to participate in the surveys and leave blog comments.

It also gives me a chance to separate skaters, coaches, and parents.  The survey results show that these 3 groups have very different perceptions about skating.  It’s truly fascinating.

Anyway, please check out Skating Jump Secrets.  As I said above, there’s no risk and it might really help you or your skater(s).

Trevor Laak