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Inconsistent Axels May Be Lacking Airtime

August 13, 2007

Today was a routine day at the rink.  No breakthroughs.  Some skaters are stressing about the upcoming DuPage Open competition this weekend.  It’s also time to decide exactly who is ready to test at the upcoming test session here in the Madison area.

One of the skaters I work with regularly was upset today because she wasn’t landing her double toe and the technical changes I suggested made it “feel” worse.  This is so common in coaching that I felt it deserved a comment here.  I find myself constantly repeating to my skaters that to learn a new skill, there’s a good chance they’ll have to get out of their “comfort zone.”  As obvious as this sounds to many of us, it is not obvious to our skaters.  Especially if they have landed the jump in question before.  But we know that this is true with anything…without stretching ourselves, we wouldn’t grow.  And there’s discomfort in stretching ourselves.

Anyway, today’s video analysis is another axel.  Click the link below to see one common problem that reduces axel flight time and the effect it can have.

 Common Axel Flight Time Problem

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Figure Skating Video Analysis Example

August 13, 2007

Today I spent a few minutes creating a short video analysis of an axel attempt.  If you look closely, you’ll notice there is no Dartfish symbol on the final video.  The reason is that I do not use Dartfish for my video analysis.

 Of course Dartfish is the industry standard at this time, but considering the cost (>$1500), it just isn’t practical for the majority of figure skating coaches.  Ialready owned a medium cost laptop produced in early 2006 and an inexpensive digital video camera, and created a full video analysis system for less than $300.  I’ll reveal how I did it in a future entry.

 To see today’s analysis, click the link below:

Axel Two Foot Landing Video Analysis

 The video shows clearly one of the major errors that many skaters have when learning the axel.  The error is usually caused by fear as described in the video. 

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out Skating Coach Quiz!  There’s a great Dartfish analysis performed by Chris Conte you should really see. 

Figure Skating Video Analysis Rocks!